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Papermill Cakes

Papermill Cakes was established in 2015 by Ellie, who after years of baking cakes for friends and family, decided to share her love of all things cake to everyone.


Choosing the best locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, Ellie has built up a respectable reputation, and takes great pride in ensuring that every single customer falls in love with her cakes.


Papermill Cakes now deliver freshly made cakes to your door depending on your area and depending on the cake, by post.



We make sure that our products are of the best quality and that all of your dietary needs are met.


During consultation, Papermill Cakes will find out if you have any allergies or dietary needs so that the cake fits exactly what you require.


All cakes are made with free-range eggs and where possible, locally sourced ingredients.


The jams where possible, will be home made and the fruits picked from local farms.

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