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Papermill Cakes

It's all about cake

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Rainbow and Unicorn Cake
Halloween Cupcakes
Assassins Creed
Peppa Pig
Red Velvet Key Shaped cake
Rainbow, Unicorn and Peppa Pig
Valentine Cake
Graduation Cake
Ferrero Rocher Cake
Thomas The Tank Engine
Oreo Cupcakes
Blue Themed Cupcakes
Football Themed Cupcakes
Lemon Crunch Cupcakes
Easter Cupcakes
Bakewell Tart
St Patrick's Day Guinness Cupcakes
Carrot Cupcakes
Giant Vanilla Cupcake
Courgette Cupcakes with an Oriange Cream cheese Frosting
Chocolate Cupcakes
Christmas Selection Box
Gravity Defying M&M Cake
Climbing Flowers
Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cupcakes
Kurta (Indian Wedding Shirt)
Baby Shower
Mixed Flavours Selection Box
West Ham Cupcakes
Tour de France Themed Cake
Football Themed Cake
Buttercream Tulips
Pastel Rose Cupcakes
Spiderman Cake
Superhero Cake
Anna - Frozen Fondant Cake
Rainbow Cupcakes
Peppa Pig, Dinosaurs and other friends
Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon
Arsenal Cupcakes
NCT Babies
Elsa-Frozen Buttercream Cake
Egg-Free Rainbow cupcake
Graduation Cake
Inside of a rainbow cake
Baby Celebration Cupcakes
Ombre Fruit Cake
Hermes Box
Boxing Ring
Classi Victoria Sponge Cake
West ham Boob Cake
Anniversary with Edible Print
3 Tiered Deep Red Celebration Cake
Ombre Cherry and Chocolate
Raspberries and Vanilla
Flowers on Buttercream
Bicycle Edible Print
NHS Edible print
Nike Trainer and Box
Ombre Cake with a metallic gold drip
Paw Patrol
Rainbows and Sprinkles
3 tiered Deep red Celebration cake
Around the World in Flags
Unicorn Cake
Vanilla rose swirls
Pakistani Truck Art Cake
Jungle Themed Cake
Divine Chocolate Cake Topped with a purple vanilla buttercream
Valentine Rose Bouquet
Caramel and Fresh Cream
blue cupcakes
Superstars Buttercream
Chocolate Brownies
Vegan and Gluten Free Selection
Topsy Turvy Zebra
Pastel Mini Cupcakes
Cupcake Bouquet
Gravity Defying Lindt Cake
Chocoholic's Dream
Around the World in Flags
What do I say about this one!! The request was for__Pirate, dinosaur, mermaid and fairy
This is a 7 layered rainbow cake on the inside, to go with the egg-free rainbow cupcakes. Covered in
Seems like football themed cupcakes are the in thing at the moment! Won't be long before I have all
Loved making this cake!! Here we have Toothless from _How to train your dragon_ sitting on a rock an
Peppa, Dinosaur, Train, Animals.  Not much room to fit much else on! Loved making this cake
Funnily enough at the same time and the same weekend, I was asked to make another _Frozen_ cake
Superhero Cake! Loved making this one.  Half chocolate and half vanilla
indian shirt2

Bespoke cakes and cupcakes delivered to your door

Fondant Cakes
Buttercream and Ganache Cakes

Papermill Cakes

Papermill Cakes was established in 2015 by Ellie, who after years of baking cakes for friends and family, decided to share her love of all things cake to everyone.


Choosing the best locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, Ellie has built up a respectable reputation, and takes great pride in ensuring that every single customer falls in love with her cakes.


Papermill Cakes now deliver freshly made cakes to your door depending on your area and depending on the cake, by post.

Vegan amd Gluten-Free


Papermill Cakes offers a wide range of options for everyone.

From your traditional Wedding Cakes to gluten free and vegan alternatives. Whether you want a Sugar free cake, a Gluten free, a vegan or all of the above, our aim is to create the perfect cake and cater to your dietary requirements.

Please be assured that our level of Hygiene is of the highest standard and that during these trying times we take special care to deliver our cakes with everyone's safety in mind.

Whether it is for a special occasion or you simply want a sweet treat.  


You can say it all with


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